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Our History

In February 1903 Alfred Seamer took over the funeral and joinery business from the Withey Family after working for them for 23 years. He then handed the business over to his sons George and Harry who registered the company as G & H Seamer. Jim Seamer (Jim’s father) took over from his brothers Harry and George and then Jim began working at the company from the age of sixteen taking over the running of the business in 1976 and continues to lead funerals today.

Recent History

In 2003 G & H Seamer celebrated its centenary and in 2006 Jim’s step-son, Stephen, joined the business but sadly passed away in 2014. Stephen’s son, Tom Spavins, joined the family business sooner than expected on 2nd January 2015 to learn the trade and work alongside his Grandfather as his father did. Tom has now started directing funerals when Jim is unavailable and hopes to continue the business long into the future. At the start of 2018 Matthew Spavins started working part time alongside his brother Tom and his Grandad Jim. At the start of 2019 Tom Spavins became a partner in the business alongside his Grandfather, Jim Seamer. The two of them are looking to the future of the business and how they can keep improving the care they give to families and their loved ones.

Our History

Our Staff

Our dedicated team here at G & H Seamer is made up of Jim Seamer and Tom Spavins who are our funeral directors, Karen Giddings, Juliet Jones and Shani Giddings are our ladies in the office and Matthew Spavins who takes care of the vehicles and yard work.

Jim Seamer took over the business from his father, he has countless years of experience and knowledge of the profession, which he uses to ensure that we do all we can for each family.

Tom Spavins came into the business in 2015, He quickly took to his role in the business and is now one of our dedicated funeral directors.

Karen Giddings started working for G & H Seamer in 1997. In that time Karen has gained a huge amount of experience in all areas of the business. Karen now deals mainly with the service sheets, donation and invoicing, but still helps in all other areas.

Juliet Jones started working at G & H Seamer in 2017, her role in the business is one of the most vital. Juliet uses the numerous years of experience in nursing to help our families through this difficult time. Juliet is the main person the families talk to when going through the funeral arrangements when they come into the office.

Shani Giddings manages our accounts and helps with the day to day running of the office. If Shani answers the phone when you call or greets you if you pop in, she will be more than able to answer any questions you may have.

Matthew Spavins started working at G & H Seamer in 2018 and helps keep the vehicles and our yard clean, tidy and makes sure things are maintained.

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