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Types of funeral


We regularly go to the following crematoriums

  • Bedford, Norse Road
  • North Herts Memorial Park &
  • Cambridge Crematorium
  • Harwood Park Cematorium

Traditional Burials

We cover burials at all local towns and villages such as

  • Sandy
  • Potton
  • Biggleswade
  • Caldecote
  • Tempsford
  • Moggerhanger
  • Blunham
  • Great Barford
  • Wrestlingworth

Green Burials

We often go to these green burial grounds when a more environmentally friendly option is required.

  • The Arbory Trust, Barton Glebe
  • St Albans Woodland Burial Trust,
  • Olney Green Burial Ground

Religious, Civil & Humanist Officiants

Whether the officiant be of a religious or non-religious background, we work closely with them all to ensure that all the families we are supporting get the type of service they desire.
We have experience with all the denomination and faiths from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire areas and pride ourselves on helping meet the requirements of all cultures and faiths.
We also have a lot of experience with Civil and Humanist Celebrants. Civil services tend to contain a little or no religious content allowing for flexibility without having a full religious service. Humanist services are very similar to a civil service but they will not contain any religious views and so these can be well suited for a person who did not accepted religious views nor lived according to any.

Types of Coffins

Traditional Style

We have a huge variety of traditional style coffins.

Click here to view our suppliers range of coffins
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Environmentally Friendly

We have a large range of environmentally friendly coffins from various suppliers across the UK and Europe.

Click here to view our suppliers range of woven coffins
Click here to view our suppliers range of willow coffins

Contemporary Designs

We have a large range of colourfully designed coffins from 2 of our suppliers in the UK.

Click here and scroll down to view our Bradnam range

Fixtures and Fittings

We can use these on a large number of the coffins we can provide, so you can make the traditional coffins a little more personal.

Click here to view our suppliers range.

Urns and Caskets

We have a large range of environmentally friendly coffins from various suppliers across the UK and Europe.

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Click the Colourful Coffins logo below to view their range

colourful coffins

Types of Vehicle

Traditional Style Hearse & Limousine

Our own hearse and limousine are based on a Mercedes Benz E class saloon. Both vehicles were purchased in 2017 before being
converted into these very well presented vehicles. As you can see from the pictures here. In January of 2018 we took delivery and use these as our main fleet vehicles for funerals.

Black Hearse & limousine

Horse Drawn Hearse

We can supply a range of horse drawn carriages if that is what you are looking for. There are various different carriages to choose from depending on your preference and a selection of horses ranging in breed and colour.

horse hearse

Alternative Vehicles

If however you would like something a little bit more unique there are plenty of other vehicles that we can hire in. Vehicles such as a Classic Rolls Royce Hearse and Limousine or a Volkswagen Camper Van hearse, we can also get a Land Rover Defender hearse and limousine or a triumph motorcycle and side car hearse.



We work with all local florists to make sure any flowers that are ordered are on the funeral and well looked after. We do offer the choice of having the flowers added to the funeral account and can even do the ordering for you. This service is done in partnership with The Flower Room in Sandy, they have a team of lovely ladies who do the arranging and work very closely with us to make sure you get exactly what you are expecting.


We can offer a wide range of hand crafted keep sakes, ranging from the traditional to the unique. These can be a keep sake urn or a print taken of a loved one’s hand, foot or finger, (the prints can then either be kept in a paper form or be made into jewellery) or we offer a service where you can have some of the persons cremated remains or lock of hair placed inside a piece of jewellery. If any of these is something you would like to know more about then our staff will be able to help.

Service Sheets

The service sheets we provide are completely customisable as we design and print them all in house, this gives us more time to get them just as you would like and gives more flexibility in the design.


We are more than happy to collect donations in memory of a loved one on the day of the funeral via our donations box or afterwards by them being sent into us. We normally leave the donation account open for approximately five weeks before sending them on to the specified charity. When we send the donation to the charity, we also send the family a letter confirming the total amount that has been collected and the names of people who have donated, if given. We do not charge any extra for this service, nor do we take a percentage of the donations, so all the monies that are raised go directly to the charity or charities. For this reason, we do not at present have any online donation option, but we are looking into it.

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